An Undelivered Letter – To My Loved One

Kay has expressed my grief so well, some days are good, some days are bad. I push on because my beloved always wanted the best for me. He believed in me more than any other, he loved me and my rambling stories. I thank God for the time He gave me to be with my beloved. I now understand something of what God must have felt when separated from Christ for the first and only time. They await for me, my treasures. For now, I will be the person worthy of being called his beloved.

Casual, Possibly-Nonsensical Ramblings

To you,

I don’t know whether to feel relieved, sad, or guilty.  Right now, I feel a little of all three.  But mostly guilty.  I was dreading the day, watching the calendar as it crept up.  But then I got so caught up that it came and went and I hardly noticed.  I didn’t even realize until just now that I had missed it. And now I battle this gang of emotions and the only thing I knew to do was this: to write it out.  To write it to you.

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