Lavender Smiles

I ordered some Lavender from the SF Herb Company, food grade, thinking it would come from a local Lavender farm, Napa or Dixon, since they are so close.  What I received was an extremely high quality product from France.  The quality was so high, I was pleased.  I popped an ounce into some organza bags and took three with me on my travels last night.  Caitlyn made my night!  The joy and wonder of a small child experiencing something for the first time!  She smiled, her eyes twinkled with wonder as she sniffed again and again.  When I explained they were flower buds (she was looking for the flower stems, LOL) she tried to pick one through the organza.  All the while clutching it in her hand and sniffing away.  It’s the simple things in life that are the best.  No one could have paid for the creation of this genuine emotion through the eyes of a child.  God Bless and Keep Caitlyn, may she only have her heart bruised and never broken and her joy be full all her days!

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