Bringing Justice in Romance Writing?

I’ve written Sci Fi, read Sci Fi/Fantasy, watched all the Sci Fi shows…etc. So now I find myself writing something new, a romance. Did you know that there are rules? New to me but, far be it that I should not comply.

My protagonists are moving along just fine and are the main story line. My female enters the story in a setting new to her. She arrives as she is fleeing a stalker abusive ex-boyfriend. He isn’t the main story but I have been advised that since I introduced him as a secondary but strong story line, I must bring justice to his ways.

I think killing him works just fine for me, but that may be my own baggage and not the best for the story. (and no, I didn’t kill my stalker, didn’t even try, I did move three counties away though)

Big Al thinks the Sherriff should not be the avenger but the town homeless vet. Hmmmm, suffering from PTSD and the stalker does the wrong thing at the wrong time???? What could this be that would not screw the vet?

My beloved had a bad case of PTSD when we first married, hit the floor when the phone rings folks! (Changed that ring tone fast.) So glad it diminished every year, I have a friend who lives with fear every day, but she loves him. She has gotten good at predicting the unpredictable. She gets the sacrifice her husband made defending liberty. I get her sacrifice.

So what do you think, should this act of justice be carried out by the homeless vet? And what about justice for the vet? I think it would be picking on him, having trouble with this whole justice thing. With Sci Fi, I could just suck him out a vent into space, much easier….


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