Crafty People — Festival Season has Officially Begun!

I managed to get out of the San Mateo Festival for under $200.00, a miracle as they had so much to offer. I particularly drooled after a Koala Cabinet that was 6″ higher (I’m tall) and a desk that folds down a full size bed without having to clear everything off the desk! The colors were amazing, so much food for the imagination.

Stitches West was a little disappointing. My preconceived notions didn’t match up. The Santa Clara Convention Center is a great venue and was filled with more yarn than I’ve seen in one place. But the bargains were just not there. I did manage to find two and enjoyed the tactile touching of the fibers. I was prepared to spend quite a bit to supply Sarah Mochini with raw materials but came home with only 650 grams of fibers. We’ve just gotten good at finding bargains elsewhere!
Soaked up experiences, sights and sounds to enrich my writing. Stitches West definitely had some colorful characters walking around, even some of the vendors were colorful, one gentleman just might make it in a story down the road.

The best part of the two trips? Spending time with my best friend, I am blessed to have her in my life!

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