Bees – How Sweet They Are

Bees in Hive Box with 2 Supers

Bees in Hive Box with 2 Supers

Last night I finally gave up procrastinating and made the trek, all 150′ of it, to check on my Bees. It’s a good thing I did, No danger of colony collapse disorder here! More like danger of swarm because there was NO ROOM left in the hive box. Full to capacity with wax, honey and of course beeeezz. I pulled about 30 lbs. as a band aid last night and gave them another Super to roam in. I scraped out the honey and comb from the frames I pulled and will give the frames back to the hive box tonight. The bees clean up the frames of left over honey and wax and begin again. I love watching them as they lick up the honey. These are Italian bees, what else would I have? They are so soothing. I love putting my hands on the sides of the hive in the hot summer and feeling the life inside as they fan their wings to cool the box.
I think my bees just might have to play a supporting role in my little romance story.

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