Ode to Blazer…

My old friend finally broke down on the freeway,
On the ramp and off the very next one, coasting all the way,
‘Twod seem an easy thing to do for a vehicle bought used in 2002,
The Trans shop says too much to repair, sell you must.
So I find myself following the tow truck to deliver Blazer, crying all the way,
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the piece of metal,
The memories are strong of my daughter and my beloved,
Of friends and family and days gone by,
Oh the places we went, the hours upon hours spent with my beloved,
Falling asleep to the sound of waves pounding or the birds and wildlife and their morning song.
But most of all, the hours that will never come back, I miss my beloved and his constant care for me,
I miss the man that was kind and knew the value of love and mercy,
He kept my Blazer in top shape, his language of love was acts of service,
I will continue to be worthy of being called his friend, his wife,
Until we sing God’s Favorite Song of All,
So I end my mourning song for Blazer,
Farewell Blazer my 4 Wheel Friend, but worry not, you will come back as a Toyota:-)

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Filed under Grief, Writing

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