Beautiful Days and Nights

This is my favorite time of the year, even with my allergies. I’m lucky enough to have the fruit trees in my yard bloom in succession. The floral show begins with a well developed plum tree, moves on to the apricot, cherry, limequat, apple, early and then late peach and almond trees. The olive trees (2) join in there somewhere and the blackberry bushes delight my bees by blooming most of the spring and summer. The season ends with a flourish as the Cottonwood trees dump fluff all over the lawn in the heat of summer.

This wonderful show can be seen from my patio! This weekend we hauled out the 8′ folding tables and had a traditional Italian feast of…Mexican food…LOL! Seriously, I love the laughter, hugs and kisses and the delight as the children run full out in the yard. What a great day to be a kid! What a great day to be a mom and grandmom! It was a treat as my daughter made it up from Morro Bay and it is great to have her home. I don’t think I heard a disparaging word all night.

My sons “of my heart” split a particularly dense and well seasoned oak log and built a roaring fire in the fire pit when the light faded. We continued to enjoy the night with birthday cupcakes and citronella candles flickering in tune with the fire pit.

I think I shall take a snapshot of Saturday night and save it in my soul. My treasures.

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