Sweetest Day – October 19th

One of my fears is that I will get stuck in a rut. That’s not likely to happen, at least until I can’t get around anymore. I subscribe to Trivia Today to help spark new and interesting ideas. Mostly, I get a sense of hmmm, that’s interesting. Sometimes a quote or piece of trivia provokes a rabbit trail of thought. Occasionally, I will take a thought and pen a quick 500 words as a writing exercise. Today’s random tidbits included the origins of matchbox cars, Gumby, Frisbee, Twister, and the game Operation. There’s usually something there to spark interest in a writer’s soul! Gophercentral.com has the Trivia Today ezine as well as others if you want to check it out.
Today, Melissa mentioned a friend who passed away at the age of 32. Her friend’s sister chose to honor her sister’s birthday by 32 random acts of kindness for complete strangers. Melissa was inspired to try a few acts of kindness herself and her cousin joined in. Saturday October 19th is Sweetest Day, or so the florists and Hallmark tell me. I’m in a reduce/recycle mode right now and tonight I will be looking around for something that a random stranger might need. Last night I gave away a bag of empty aluminum cans to an older gentleman who makes his social security check stretch by recycling. That was without thinking. I think I can do better than that to celebrate Sweetest Day and not have to worry about the calories! What is gathering dust in your home that someone needs? Can you think of a random act of kindness to lift someone up? Go Forth and Be Random! (and rut free) 

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