Foster State of Mind – Looking for Aged Out Foster Children

This week I am tutoring a former foster child.  She is an adult with children of her own.  Her education is more like a collander with holes in it.  I so very proud of her, when she graduated from high school and aged out of the foster system, her education was more like swiss cheese.  Lots of big holes…

Why the holes you might ask?  Think about it, when you have to go to court, you miss a day of class, maybe two.  When you are moved from one foster home to another, you might miss a week of class.  Then there is the foster home that really doesn’t care if you make it to school on time, hey you got there right?  Foster kids have many more absences that children from stable two parent homes.  Two parent homes may not be perfect but to a foster child, they look pretty darn perfect to them.  The very concept of unconditional love is not something they find growing up unless they are very lucky.  Yes it may be a sterotype and I actually do know someone who grew up in two different foster homes and excelled and felt loved at both homes.  He is the exception.

Are you an adult and/or a former/current foster child?  Tell me what fell through your (or someone you know) holes, what you wish you knew but didn’t.  For my current friend, she wishes someone had clued her in about the entire banking system.  She never had a bank account until her employer required her to have one to direct deposit her paycheck.

Please send me your ideas, simple/direct answers or longer ones, anything is welcome.

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