National Novel Writing Month is Coming this November

Last year was my first year at the on-line writer’s word frenzy known as National Novel Writing Month.  It reaches across the United States to almost every part of the globe.  I didn’t quite make the 50,000 word count but did end with a smashing 30,000!  This year I am going for it again!  I have a few ideas for the 50K but I haven’t decided on the winning project yet!

One of the really fun things about the event is the Night of Writing Dangerously, November 16th at the fabulous Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco.  We bring our laptops and plug in for word sprints, word wars and the famous candy bar.  Please consider sponsoring me for this non-profit, tax deductible event.  The funds support writers and the young writers program.

Read more about it at my fundraising page:

Thank you all for your time!

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