Planning for Monday Morning Success

It’s Monday and my plans for success have already been fired upon.  My stamina is low as I recover from an ugly bought of mono so I need to plan better. I carefully laid out my clothing and schedule for today.  My purse and badge were in order and by the door.  Lunch was laid out and ready to be packed.  The Keurig was ready for a push of the button.

All I had to do to get out the door was get dressed, feed the animals, push a button and pack the lunch.  I left out one little important item, my memory stick!

Pooh!  My current work in progress is on that stick.  I do have it backed up on my laptop and external storage but it is difficult to work on a piece if you don’t have it with you.  I like to shut my door and eat lunch while escaping into my current piece of fiction.  I get a great sense of accomplishment in banging out 1,000 words over my lunch hour.  It makes me happy to know I contributed to reaching my goals.

I guess I will read on my lunch instead and try to find time to write tonight.  What a horrible sacrifice, to just sit and read, I will just have to force myself.  (Dramatic sigh added for emphasis)

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