Flooring…now the nasty

press on madness

This is what I started with, sans carpet.  Nasty, discolored old press-on tiles on top of some pretty heavy duty industrial glue.  The cross hatch marks on the floor is where the dirt and debris accumulated.  Even the tiles that appeared to be perfectly attached to the concrete slab were framed in filth.  I have tried everything to remove these tiles.  The best method has been hot water and elbow grease.  I loosen up the edges with the knife and pour boiling hot water over the whole tile and into the edges.  Then I practice patience and s l o w l y pull up the edges.  I try to grab the ones furthest from me so I can use my body weight to lean back and s l o w l y pull up the tile.  If I try to go fast they come up in pieces, sometimes in little bitty ones.  I can’t believe that I tolerated these tiles as long as I did!

I don’t consider myself to be a dirty person and I cleaned my floors once a week.  The new sections that have completed hardwood need dry mopping about every other day.  Bad that I have to swipe them down, good for my allergies.  I can’t believe how much stuff would have been in the carpet.  It’s a bit of a gross out for me, especially when I think about all the family that once lived in the house, plus all the pets.  I only have one short haired cat now and there seems to be cat hair everywhere.  (The chickens don’t understand why they can’t come in the house, the answer is still no!) The dry mopping/sweeping only takes a quick few minutes and is light and easy.  Not like lugging around a vacuum cleaner.  I don’t mind the frequency and my health has improved already!

The kitchen floor is going to be a separate project since I can kind of section it off from the rest of the open floor plan.  I am officially two thirds complete on the rest of the floor, not counting the molding.

I am going to love this new floor!  Keep on flooring, keep on flooring, keep on flooring………..

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