Want vs. Need

Loft Update 9-2016.jpgMy fingers are itching to plant something so bad!!!!  Winter garden anyone? No, that is not on the list.  Sigh! Mrs. Winchester wins again!  Keep on building.

The loft room is almost done.  The electrical is mostly complete, the fan and second light fixture will be installed after the paint work is done.  I finally found a solid core door that will fit and if you look at the 8×8 block of wood on the right side of the roof, that is where I will eventually punch a hole into the main part of the house.  I still need to complete the short wall frame on the right and build a bench over the A/C.  I have purchased all the parts for the A/C vent into the room waiting for the box to be built.

I was rushing to give my adult kids more space to move back in.  They gave notice and are in the process of buying their first house.  Bad news is the good news, depending on how you look at it.

The Good News

  • They found a house they loved right away.
  • It’s close to me.
  • Their offer was accepted.
  • It’s in escrow, waiting for the home inspections now.

The Bad News

  • They found a house they loved right away.
  • Their offer was accepted.

Some of the pressure is off to finish the room and I’ve been lazy, feeling under the weather this week.  Mostly I think it is from the barometer dancing up and down with the weather.  We had some rain, but I was at work and didn’t get to enjoy it.  I did go outside for a quick minute to do my traditional dance in the rain.  I love to light a fire in the fire-place and read my Nook by firelight with a bowl of soup and freshly baked bread.  I’m making my own bread again, this time with bromine free flour!  (This is important for hypothyroid issues, metabolic syndrome or anyone with hormone issues of any kind!)

I added the rest of the single pane windows to the list so it bumped back up to 38.  That’s a lot better than 100 that we started with when we bought the home.  It will happen, I keep reminding myself that God is still in control and to just take it one nail at a time.

Instead of planting, I went online and selected what I want in my organic CSA box next week.  I can wait.  Retirement is not that far away and although I really want to build those raised garden beds, I need to finish the loft and balcony first!

Blessings to you all, remember to pray for Florida this week!

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