Taking Care – Goals

The nasty head cold is circulating at work.  It has hit just about everyone, including me.  I don’t get the flu, but this hit me hard.  I beefed up on vitamins and hand washing, it still got me.  The nurse was afraid it could go into pneumonia and I have been on bed rest for the last two weeks.  BORING!!!

I did follow the doctor’s orders and made myself rest and take care.  I focused on my nutrition and being still.  I spent some time going over my goals for 2017.  I am a list maker and I need to look back to celebrate accomplishments in order to move forward in a positive space.   It has been hard to rest the last few days.  I’m finally released to return to the land of the living.

Goals for 2017 (subject to change)
Celebrate 2016 accomplishments
Finish attic bedroom
Move pantry move to new location
Build balcony (includes concrete work)
Kitchen remodel
Finish medical needs
Continue to lose weight and build strength
Remove carpet and lay hardwood floor in my office
Improve home security
Take a vacation
Save $$$
Stay out of debt
Resume Saturday patio brunches during the bloom
Finish at least one of two novels in progress
Let go of the novel that isn’t up to par and focus on the good
Grow critique group
Teach needle skills
Get notary license
Be more sustainable
Be humble and kind

I don’t know that I can do everything on my list of goals, but I’m sure going to give it a try!  Nothing is every gained by failing to take the first step.

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