What Have I Been Up To?


I’ve been absent for a while, thanks for sticking with me.  My mother passed away and my house fell apart.  I’ve found that when something big happens, like my leaking roof and five rooms with water damage, God is using it to keep me busy and keep me out of trouble.

It is unfortunate that God has to use such measures. However, He know my heart.  I would most likely try to rescues the situation, if I had the energy and time I would hop on my high horse and try to save the day.

The roof has been re-engineered and has been completed.  The rain has stopped and dry days are forecasted.  I’ve pulled out the wet cabinets, sheetrock and insulation.  There is not much left to rip out, just one little block I can’t pry out without causing more damage.

I’m not Rosie the Riveter.  I have to study and learn what the code is, which tools to use and how to use them.  Generally, it’s a very slow process.  They money tree has not produced the greenbacks for the repairs and the insurance company is not paying for all the damages or the upgrades.  I’m cutting costs where I can.

New studs have been installed and mold has been treated and cleaned.  (I’ve been living in a trailer in my driveway.)  I have painted everything that is nailed down with Red Guard, a paintable vapor barrier normally used near water service.  Expert advice says that it will help keep water from coming through any small cracks in the stucco.  I even installed an extra layer of water barrier in the sink area.

I still have other rooms to work on, but the kitchen/den area is ready for the electrician, cabinet installer and plumber.  I hadn’t planned on a kitchen remodel, but who puts 1977 cabinets back in?  The silver lining to this costly project is free.  I discovered a beautiful  load-bearing beam behind layers of sheetrock.  It matches the smaller one on the other side of the room.  The smaller beam took me five months to remove all the paint and plaster.  It took me about an hour to pull down the sheetrock from the newly discovered beam.  I can’t wait to sand it down and apply a light finish.




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