A Potty Rant

I’ve turned to my WordPress outlet to vent!  Just skip this post if you aren’t interested in my little rant.

In my grief, I needed to keep busy.  My life had these gigantic holes in it and I filled it with working on my punch list and to-do list.  I built a nice little room in the attic.

Someone in need asked to stay for a few months.  He is over 55 and had lost his job. He was working is way through the social services system to have a much-needed surgery.  I do feel that this is what God wanted me to do.  I just didn’t realize how much money this would cost me!  God will provide the means, he always has.

My visitor does pay a few hundred dollars a month to help offset the utilities, but it doesn’t provide any extra.  My PG&E jumped from a low of $53. a month to $300.  My water bill doubled.  How can one person have such a large footprint!

This week it came to a head, literally.  He broke the head!  I have a macerating toilet.  When he moved in I gave him the lecture that only poops and tp go down the toilet.  When his adult daughter came to visit, he had to tell her only poop and tp, no sanitary products.

The toilet motor bound up.  I called a plumber and he took out hundreds of baby wipes from the macerator tank and from around the blades.  Well, it seemed like hundreds to me.  I helped him with the shop vac by holding the hose so it wouldn’t kink.  It took over four tries to clear the tank and the plumber had to take it back apart to release a clog in the pipe portion as well.  The visitor does need to use something due to his medical condition, but that is a lot of baby wipes and they don’t flush.  Read the package, it says do not flush.

I gently but firmly confronted him with the facts and reminded him that only poops and TP go down the toilet!  He said well I’ll have to go boom boom downstairs then.  No, you don’t get to clog that toilet either.  Only s**t and TP go down the toilet.

The plumber told me sanitary products are their bread and butter.  People do this all the time!

So the purpose of this rant is to tell you, in case your mother didn’t, ONLY POOPS AND TP GO DOWN THE TOILET!!!!!!  Wrap anything else it TP and take it to a trash receptacle that gets taken out regularly.  If the bathroom trash doesn’t get taken out every day or so, here’s a novel idea:  TAKE IT OUTSIDE YOURSELF!

To sum up:

  • It’s not boom boom, it’s poop.
  • It’s not ok to waste resources, even if you are paying for them.
  • Changing the location does not make it ok.
  • Pick up after yourself.
  • Skip Starbucks and put some money in savings so you don’t have to live with someone else when you lose your job.  https://www.financialpeace.com/

Thanks for listening to my rant.


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