Tessa is a Technical Writer, translating Engineer speak into plain English. She loves to write science fiction, fantasy, and romance with a bit of practical guides thrown in.  When not at work, she spend her time learning how to use a garage full of her beloveds tools for epic home improvement projects, and blogging about it.  She is working towards a more sustainable lifestyle in her little Urban Oasis.

Tessa Bertoldi has been in love with writing her entire life. Her most recent accomplishment is a piece featured in the anthology, Inspire Joy.  She is currently employed as a Technical Writer, translating Engineer speak into plain English.  Tessa’s previous assignments include composing technical documents to keep employees safe while working with explosives.  She has a background in Risk Management and investigating claims fraud.  She has published corporate documents, policies and procedures and a commemorative book on the refinery and its employees.  She is passionate about writing and is a staff volunteer for the San Francisco Writers Conference, Writing for Change and is the Solano County Municipal Liaison for the National Novel Writing Month.  Tessa’s current projects include two science fiction novels and an educational guide that attempts to fill in the holes for her adult foster children.


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  1. A wide range of talents there! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently! 🙂

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